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    English Expert

    For beautiful, convincing, clear English

  • Who am I?

    Hi. I’m Bastian, The English Expert.


    [Before I tell you more about myself, allow me to ask you some questions to consider.]

    Do you ever feel frustrated about your use of the English language?

    Maybe you feel like you don’t get your message across in the way you would like to?

    Perhaps people don’t completely understand what you are trying to say or don’t see you as a serious player?

    Do you think you could present yourself in a better or more professional light?

    I know how you feel: I experienced this when I moved to Amsterdam and was learning to speak Dutch.
    At that point I already had 12 years of experience teaching English, but I had far less experience being on the other side: learning a language.
    · I taught myself to speak, read and write Dutch as a second language without the help of teachers, courses or books.
    · I used my own teaching methods to teach myself.
    · This helped me to understand the challenges faced by people who use English as a second language, which led to me designing better techniques for users of English.
    · For the last 7 years I have been teaching, and consulting on the use of, English with spectacularly improved results
    · I can help you solve your English-language problems by showing you how to use the language to your benefit, to present yourself in the best light by using beautiful, convincing, clear, correct English

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    Email: info@englishexpert.pro

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